OMFS @ FARRER PARK Periodontics


1 Farrer Park Station Road Connexion #10-14 Singapore 217562


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OMFS @ FARRER PARK Periodontics

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omfs @ farrer park is set in a pleasant and cosy environment, offering advanced dentistry for medically-related disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region, such as oro-facial pain, corrective jaw surgery, gum treatment as well as dentistry services for geriatric and special needs clients. Our team of oral health specialists exercise great care and detail when restoring healthy teeth and smiles for our clients. 

Many smiles are lost because of a toothache, missing tooth or an abnormal oral condition. We understand the agony of adopting a mediocre diet and lifestyle for the sake of easing the pain. How can you find the right oral health expert who understands your pain and is able to treat you gently.

✓ Remaking smiles that last

✓ Redefining life in your own terms

✓ Live the life you want

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