Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery-Knee replacement is a type of joint replacement surgery whereby the degenerated and damaged knee is replaced with an artificial knee. Knee replacement is one of the most successful operations for patients with degenerated and painful knees. Knee replacement has consistently reduced pain and improved quality of life for many patients.
There are two types of knee replacement. One can undergo a total (full) knee replacement whereby the entire knee is replaced with an artificial one. The other option involves partial (half) knee replacement whereby only the damaged part of the knee is replaced. The advantage of a half knee replacement is less pain, faster recovery and feeling of a more normal joint.
Courtesy of Zimmer Biomet
Many patients have fear of severe pain and immobility (bed rest) after surgery. Another concern is the longevity of the implant ie the artificial knee will break down after a few years, and having to undergo another surgery. With the development of improved analgesia, pre-, intra- and post-operative care, I will be able to walk patients on the same day after surgery so they can move around with a walking frame. Also data has shown that most knee replacements can last beyond 15 years thus longevity is not a concern with new surgical skills and implants.
Courtesy of Zimmer Biomet
We are also able to perform robotics knee replacement in my centre. We will use the assistance and input from robots during the surgery to improve on the placement of the implants. This allow safer and more precise total or half knee replacement to be performed.
In summary, knee replacement has improved significantly over the past few years, with robotics surgery playing a bigger and more useful role in improving outcomes and patient quality of life.