Prof. Khee Chee SOO

Prof. Khee Chee SOO
蘇 啟智

Surgical Oncology

1 Farrer Park Station Road, #10-09 Connexion Farrer Park Medical Centre 217562

Languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

About Prof. Khee Chee SOO


Khee Chee studied medicine in the university of Singapore graduating in 1975. He did his surgical training in Sydney and then had his fellowship training in surgical oncology and head and neck surgery in London and New York. He returned to Singapore General Hospital in 1988 and has been there since. In 1993 he became Head of the Department of Surgery and held that position for 11 years. He was for a period Chair of the NUS Department of Surgery. In 1997 he became the Founding Director of the National Cancer Centre Singapore and recently retired from that position after 20 years. He was also the Senior Vice Dean of Duke NUS Medical School and now continues to hold the Benjamin Sheares Professorship in Academic Medicine. He has just started his own surgical practice in Farrer Park Hospital.

In his career in Singapore spanning 30 years, he has trained numerous general surgeons, surgeons with interest in cancer surgery and head and neck surgery. In that period of time he has the pleasure of seeing many of these specialties have become recognised as leading practitioners in their respective fields in Singapore and regionally.

He has been recognised as the pioneer and leading cancer surgeon in the country. He introduced complex surgery like peritonectomies for previously inoperable cancers in the abdominal cavity and major intraabdominal tumours including removal of invaded major blood vessels. In the field of head and neck surgery, he is recognised to have performed the most of complex operations for cancers in this region. He is also recognised for removal of limb soft tissue tumours . He also introduced isolated limb perfusion for the management of intransit metastases for skin tumours attempting to salvage limbs which would otherwise require amputations.

He has also won several national awards including Public Adminstration(Gold) , National Outstanding Mentor and the President’s Science and Technology Award. He is currently the Inaugural Benjamin Shears Professor in Academic Medicine for Duke-Nus Medical School.

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