Knees : Preservation of Healthy Meniscus Tissue and Restoration of Articular Cartilage


Preservation of Healthy Meniscus Tissue For Better Mobility

A meniscal tear may commonly occur from forceful twisting of the knee during sports or from repetitive movements in an ageing meniscus. Common symptoms include pain, stiffness and swelling. A torn meniscus requires immediate attention when it “locks” the knee, resulting in the knee not being able to completely bend or straighten.

A meniscal repair is performed as an outpatient surgical procedure to repair a torn meniscus via minimally invasive surgery. The torn pieces are sutured together to promote healing.


Restoration of Articular Cartilage To Cushion Bones Against Impact

The articular cartilage is the smooth cushion that lines the ends of bones where they meet at joints. When it becomes worn or damaged, one may experience joint pain, swelling, stiffness or other symptoms, which may result in reduced mobility and quality of life. As cartilage injuries do not usually heal well on their own, surgical repair may be recommended for full thickness localised tears which remain persistently symptomatic despite conservative treatment.