Dr. Tang Siau-Wei

Dr. Tang Siau-Wei

Senior Consultant & Breast Surgeon

Solis@Gleneagles 6 Napier Road, #10-03 Singapore 25849

Languages: English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu/Indonesian

About Dr Tang Siau-Wei

Dr Tang is a specialist in General Surgery, with an interest in Breast Surgery. She is well-versed in the care of benign and malignant breast conditions and provides comprehensive and holistic care for her patients.

With a clinical and research interest in the subspecialty of breast surgery, treating breast cancer and the quality of life in breast cancer survivors, Dr Tang has published various clinical and research articles in peer-reviewed international journals.

In 2015, she was successful in obtaining a research grant by the NCIS Centre Seed Funding Program to evaluate the Quality of Life and Body lmage in Women with Breast Cancer in Singapore. This allowed her to better empathise and aid patients on their journey to recovery while maximising their quality of life.

Dr Tang also has a research interest in breast cancer in older women, and how best to optimise their breast cancer treatment whilst taking into consideration their other chronic illnesses.

She has also worked on and published in several research journals on topics such as breast cancer research and treatment, Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography in Assessment of Breast Tumour Margins During Breast-Conserving Surgery and additional assessments of older women with primary operable breast cancer.

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