Dr. Ravindra Singh SHEKHAWAT

Dr. Ravindra Singh SHEKHAWAT


38 Irrawaddy Road #06-58
Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 329563

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil

About Dr. Ravindra Singh SHEKHAWAT

Dr. Ravindra Singh Shekhawat is a neurologist in private practice. Apart from general neurology, he has specialty interests in stroke, neurophysiology, dementia and epilepsy.

Dr. Ravi completed his medical training in Chennai, India, and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. In 2013, he became a member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, before moving on to pursue his Senior Residency Training in Neurology at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 2014. This was followed by fellowship at the Academy of Medicine, Singapore in 2017 and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 2020.

Dr. Ravi has been working as a Neurology Consultant under the National Neuroscience institute and has been providing neurology services at SGH and Changi General Hospital.

Apart from clinical work, Dr. Ravi has also been actively involved in educating and the mentoring of medical students and trainee doctors. He has also published several stroke-related articles in many well-established journals.

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