Curie Oncology & Haematology

Curie Oncology & Haematology


3 Mount Elizabeth #11-12 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Singapore 228510


+65 6970 8186

Curie Oncology & Haematology

Company Profile

  • A boutique oncology practice, specialising in complex oncology
  • We provide care, in a multi-disciplinary role, that is specific and personalised
  • We help patients overcome cancer, and rebuild their lives

Our services

  1. We provide a variety of genomic tumour-based tests and Liquid Biopsy
  2. We conduct hereditary genetic testing and counselling
  3. We support intraoperative chemotherapy include HIPEC, Isolated limb perfusion
  4. We provide individualised assessment of cancer recurrence risk based on genomic markers including OncotypeDx for breast cancer, and HalioDx Immunescore for colon cancers

Medical Professional(s)